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Assia - Slip - Rivires italienne (Ref. 589380)

Slip  >  Assia  >  Rivières italienne (Ref. 589380)


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Collectie : Rivières
Catalogus : Azie
Merk : Assia

Gemaakt in France
Rivires italienne (Ref. 589380) / rivieren / 38
Plaats in winkelmandje
56.50 €

Kleur :
Complete you Undine look with the nicely fitted Rivières boxer shorts. Panels of filigree tulle embroidered with blue-green flowers. Plait and embroidered hemlines.

Assia Lingerie offers expressive lingerie with intelligent embroideries and fine French detailing. All of Assia's lingerie is hand made offering the distinct quality of European decent. Assia is a flourishing designer lingerie brand, 100% designed and manufactured in France in an original 'atelier' using traditional sewing machines.... not mass produced in a factory! The designer, Assia Moireaud, selects her own fabrics and accessories from the best French and Italian suppliers in the world. Assia lingerie offers a brad range including gorgeous lace bras with flutter lace straps and matching panties with sexy allure. Very popular from the designer lingerie series is the sexy bustier which looks similar to a corset, but typically extends only to the base of the ribs or waist and is intended for pushing up a woman's breasts. Boning and under wires are a bustiers primary means of providing structure and support. They may have removable cups and offer ample support.
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