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Livco Corsetti Fashion - Pajama - Chloe LC 90038

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Collection : READY TO WEAR
Catalogue : BLUE
Brand : Livco Corsetti Fashion
Chloe LC 90038 / Small
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It is luxurious night lingerie resembling the style of Egyptian Empress, you will make any man submissive and you will rule over his senses. Chloe is the unique night lingerie set, fabulous, delicate and available in a sensuous colour version. Fabric will swath your body creating soft and comfortable feeling. Pants are straight, stylishly sewn and ankle length. It is the babydoll-style top, the most-stylish design with elongated back. It is cut off under your breasts, which will make your body look delicate and ethereal. The top is breast-fitted, fastened with two delicate buttons, decorated with oriental style embroidery patterns. Gorgeous bell sleeves resemble butterfly wings, top of the shoulders is decorated with smart patterns.


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