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Livco Corsetti Fashion - Bodystocking - Neavim

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Collection : LINGERIE
Catalogue : BLACK
Brand : Livco Corsetti Fashion
Neavim / Black / Small/Large
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Neavim is a superb bodysuit gives a captivating notch in the neckline area in a sensual way emphasizes the breasts , which under the material made of thin mesh become even more pronounced . A special element of the set are stockings, which, thanks to larger eyelets, optically lengthen the legs, focusing the attention of the partner during the approach. An element that draws attention are also eyelets of various sizes located on the backofthech, as well as the sensual lack of material on the buttocks. The upper part of the bodystocking is connected to the lower by thin stripes, which, running along the buttocks in the back part, give the spice to the whole stylization. The eyelets in the front part of the stockings pass placementthey are also in the upper part of the outfit, which is crucial when it comes to the special reception of the set.
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