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Livco Corsetti Fashion - Underwear set - Fumnanya LC 2710

Underwear set  >  Livco Corsetti Fashion  >  Fumnanya LC 2710

Underwear set

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Collection : LINGERIE
Catalogue : BLACK
Brand : Livco Corsetti Fashion
Fumnanya LC 2710 / L/XL
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Triangular top and skirt comes in this sexy 2 piece set giving a straps that can be tied on neck and back, overlying mesh satin on skirt, pompom finish embellish on chest and waist.

An airy pouch, a G-string combined with a mini skirt and a bra are the components of a feminine set called Fumnanya. The sexy, transparent bra trimmed with pastel pink and equipped with thin shoulder straps sets off the neck and shoulders nicely. A fur pompon between the cups and on the skirt side intrigues and adds a slightly frivolous touch. A creased two-layer skirt – with the lower layer pink and the upper black – emphasizes the waist wonderfully.

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