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Livco Corsetti Fashion - Underwear set - Kissable Hearts LC 90006

Underwear set  >  Livco Corsetti Fashion  >  Kissable Hearts LC 90006

Underwear set

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Collection : LINGERIE
Catalogue : RED
Brand : Livco Corsetti Fashion
Kissable Hearts LC 90006 / S/M
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Polka dont body print design done in semi transparent satin underlying a red semi clear satin body with fishnet body finish, bandeau top and shorty with skrit motif done in ruffled string hem finish.

The women who like the hot red juxtaposed with sensual black will be enchanted with the Kissable Hearts set. The combination of patterns and fabrics ignites the senses and makes the body look uniquely appealing. The shoulders and belly are wonderfully exposed while the breasts and buttocks tempt and attract the eyes.


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