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Livco Corsetti Fashion - Gloves - Gloves White Model 7 LC 28006

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Collection : READY TO WEAR
Catalogue : WHITE
Brand : Livco Corsetti Fashion
Gloves White Model 7 LC 28006 / Small/Large
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Long gloves offering covering until your elbow area made of white tone body with mesh and guipure design, ruffled hem idea with adjustable cross lace finish on side

These are unique long lace gloves made in Baroque-like style. These are fingerless gloves, which begin in the wrist area and end behind elbow. They are made in beautiful snow-white colour which makes them look stylish. These are tied-up with satin ribbons, wrist raffle gloves, draped in flirtatious manner. Entire gloves are decorated with floral embroidery and tying-up ribbons. Gloves are trimmed with elastic band, they fit the shoulders and they are decorated with trimmed fabric. These are gorgeous gloves, which will be a perfect match with white underwear, as well as with nipple covers and sexy lingerie costumes.


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