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Livco Corsetti Fashion - Underwear set - Pine Khaki

Underwear set  >  Livco Corsetti Fashion  >  Pine Khaki

Underwear set

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Collection : LINGERIE
Catalogue : GREEN
Brand : Livco Corsetti Fashion
Pine Khaki / S/M
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Lingerie set is a lace work of art. The bra is not stiffened, and in addition it has been equipped with two straps on the neckline, thanks to which protruding from under the shirt or blouse, they will certainly arouse great interest. A bra that supports the bust, which means that women with larger breasts will also be tempted by it. Tempting underwear in the color of broken green is also comfortable and at the same time sensual lace panties, which, although they are a bit more built-in ne, still create sexy atmosphere. The design of the panties perfectly emphasizes the female buttocks, thanks to which every woman will feel special.
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